Pinus Pinea

A research about holidays through memories, family photos, detail scraps and new evocative images.
by Andrea Carboni
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Project Description

Pinus Pinea 8

When I was child i used to wait all year for summer weeks, those summer weeks whose memories I carried with me every day to the following summer. Pineto is a small town on the Abruzzo coast, is where me and my family used to spend our holidays, it always meant to me so much more than just a holiday.

Pinus Pinea 9

Together with a friend we grew up walking through the pine forest, admiring the celebrations for the patron’s day, running through the streets of this small town where dinner was not really dinner without the “arrosticini” (typical skwewer made of sheep meat).

Pinus Pinea 10
Pinus Pinea 11

In this special place we came as childrens who dreamed to fly with plastic dragons, and through the years we became teenagers who wanted to play videogames most of the day.
Then life took me away from Pineto, holidays with parents were not excting anymore. After 20 years I decided to go back, back to my childhood, together with my wife and childrens, I wanted for them to feel what i used to feel when I was a child, a happy child in Pineto. I wanted them to smell the same perfumes, to see the same pine needles reaching the beach, by the sea, to be intrigued by the same historical buildings.

Pinus Pinea 12

I hold my kids hands while we are strolling at the same village parties, I look at their amazed eyes and I get excited as if it was the first time for me too.
I searched for pictures from my family archive, I hunted postcards in little markets and then i mixed them with new photos to tell my story, a story where past and present blend themselves toogheter to give life to memories, those memories that belongs to anyone who is lucky enough to have had their own “Pineto”.

Music credits: Giò Lama-Raw Steel-Unlimited Struggle

Author Informations

NameAndrea Carboni


Andrea Carboni was born in Arezzo in May 1986.
After the high scool he moves to Milan to study furniture design at the Polytechnic of Milan. During these studies he discovered his passion for photography. After three years of learning as a self-taught, in 2011 he take part to photographic circles and get passionate of reportage photography. In 2013 he decided to attend the photojournalism course at the Studio Marangoni Foundation in Florence with TerraProject.
These experiences radically change his way to approch photography. It carries out personal projects of documentary photography in short and long term, with particular attention to the relationships between people and the environment that surrounds them.
Some series have been published on paper and online magazines as Il Post, Sportweek, Gioia, Grazia, Neon France, Newsweek China.
In 2018 he was ranked third in the Canon Young Photographer competition in collaboration with the Cortona On the Move festival.

This campaign was not successfully closed, the book has not being funded and won’t be published.

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