A journey in the world's most thrilling landscapes.
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LANDSCAPE – + Crowdbooks Publishing
The photographic book.

#Landscape + Crowdbooks Publishing | Photographic Book

The result of a collaboration between and Crowdbooks Publishing, this book serves as an open window to the world, inviting readers to embark on a journey through pages of images that capture the raw and wild essence of our planet’s most mesmerizing landscapes. Each photograph is a great example of light, color and composition, reflecting the unique vision of its creator and the immeasurable beauty of nature.

In the dynamic essence of nature, where the soul of the earth gently tells stories as old as time itself through its mesmerizing landscapes, a remarkable editorial phenomenon emerges. This magnum opus, unprecedented in its scope and ambition, serves as a living testament to the splendor of the planet and captures the unspoken poetry of nature’s grandeur. Each time you turn the page, a new chapter is revealed in the artful saga of Earth, conveyed not through words but through stunning, soul-stirring images that penetrate deep into the heart of the viewer.

Within the pages of this extraordinary collection of landscapes, the soft whispers of ancient forests, the majestic calls of high peaks and the gentle lullabies of tranquil rivers are forever captured, inviting the reader to embark on an epic journey of discovery and wonder. This masterpiece acts as a link between the human spirit and the immeasurable wonders of the natural world. It is a visual symphony that celebrates the pristine beauty of the earth and the profound, timeless stories it holds.

At the beating heart of nature, each photograph serves not only as a glimpse into the untold stories of our planet, but also as a tribute to its pristine splendor and a call to preserve its precious legacy for the future. Through this lens, we are invited to see the earth in all its splendor, a reminder of the intimate connection we share with the natural world and the urgent responsibility we have to protect it. This work transcends mere visual art and embodies a profound message of conservation and reverence that resonates with all who dare to look, listen and feel.

Adrian Petrisor, with his “The Valley of Clouds,” takes us to the peaks of the Dolomites, where the sky and earth embrace amidst clouds and light. His victory in the Landscape contest is a tribute to the evocative power of photography, capable of transporting the viewer to another realm, where time seems to pause in awe of the landscape’s majesty.

Adrian Petrisor | The Valley of Clouds | #4 LANDSCAPE | Crowdbooks Publishing
Adrian Petrisor | The Valley of Clouds

But the journey doesn’t end here. Azim Khan Ronnie, with “Mass of Boats,” presents humanity moving and living in symbiosis with water, in a ballet of boats . Hundreds of boats photographed on the Jadukana river in the Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. The people aboard the boats are busy collecting various types of stones from the riverbed to be used later in constructing buildings, bridges, and roads.

Azim Khan Ronnie | Mass of Boats | #4 Landscape | Crowdbooks Publishing
Azim Khan Ronnie | Mass of Boats

Giovanni Corona, through “Aurora consurgent,” invites us to contemplate the northern lights, a phenomenon that transforms the night sky into a canvas of dancing lights. In the Stokkness peninsula of southeastern Iceland, the author identified an interesting pattern formed by ice slabs that he placed in the foreground of his photograph. Despite the light pollution caused by nearby accommodations, the author did not alter the image in post-production, and even chose to keep the artificial light sources on the horizon line in the composition, which create a pleasing balance with the majesty of the northern lights illuminating the background.

Giovanni Corona | Aurora Consurgent | #4 Landscape | Crowdbooks Publishing
Giovanni Corona | Aurora Consurgent

Mauro Mendula, with “Stargate Cave,” leads us into the depths of a Sardinian cave, where starlight merges with the sea, creating a portal to infinity. At Cala Luna, he experienced what he describes as a fantastic adventure inside one of the magnificent caves opening onto the beach.
The interaction between the rocky frame, the human figure, and the background hosting a window of starry sky over the calm sea creates a pleasant atmosphere. The beam of artificial light adds a creative note to the image.

Mauro Mendula | Stargate Cave | #4 Landscape | Crowdbooks Publishing
Mauro Mendula | Stargate Cave

Lastly, Sara Zafarana, by climbing Rocciamelone, a mountain in the Graian Alps of the Rocciamelone-Charbonnel chain, standing at 3,530 meters above sea level, located in Piedmont, on the border between the Susa Valley and the Viù Valley, offers us “Un fiume di nebbia e i suoi affluenti,” an ethereal vision of what the author described as the most challenging ascent, where fog sketches dreamlike landscapes.

Sara Zafarana | Un fiume di nebbia e i suoi affluenti | #4 Landscape | Crowdbooks Publishing
Sara Zafarana | Un fiume di nebbia e i suoi affluenti

This book is more than a collection of photographs; it is a manifesto on the art of observing, understanding, and respecting nature. Each image is a story of passion, dedication, and love for the landscape, inviting reflection on our relationship with the environment and the need to preserve it for future generations.

With a total prize of 300 euros for the winner and 50 euros for the finalists, along with the opportunity to see their works published and to receive an annual Platinum subscription to, this book represents a unique opportunity for photographers to express their talent and for photography enthusiasts to immerse themselves in scenarios of unparalleled beauty.

This is not just a book, it’s an invitation to lose and find yourself in the world’s most thrilling landscapes, to feel the wild heartbeat of the earth beneath your feet, and to share the emotion of those who, behind the lens, have captured the infinite.

Preorder it now and allow yourself to be guided on an unmatched visual exploration, where each photograph opens a door to distant worlds, ready to be discovered and cherished.

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This campaign was not successfully closed, the book has not being funded and won’t be published.

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