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A fera ’ô luni

A photographic phantasmagoria of Catania's historical market
by Sergio Perez

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Project Description

A fera ’ô luni
a book by Sergio Perez
edited by Fabiola di Maggio

The fera ‘ô luni is a photographic narrative of the main traditional Catania market, a documentary perspective in a street key, real and straightforward, animated by the desire and the authorial need to tell through images a particular urban context, showing singular, ephemeral, enigmatic and commonly imperceptible ab-normalities.

A fera o luni - Sergio Perez - Crowdbooks

The origins of the open market date back to the Middle Ages, to the so-called Mercato del Lune, literally translated from the catanese language with the Italian expression “the Monday open market”, a fera ’ô luni, in reality, is set up by its numerous traders from Monday to Saturday in its current location between Piazza Carlo Alberto, Piazza Stesicoro and the adjacent streets and presents itself as a kaleidoscope of sounds, colors and scents that inebriate the senses of its frequent visitors as well as those of tourists from all over the world.

A fera o luni - Sergio Perez - Crowdbooks

The humanist documentary story of the fera ‘ô luni highlights the socio-anthropological transformation that the market, the eminent’ s-object of Catania culture, has undergone from the 1990s to the present day.

A fera o luni - Sergio Perez - Crowdbooks

The increasing presence of immigrants among sellers and consumers has changed, enriching it with multiple ethnic nuances, the traditional face of the market. A commercial, socio-linguistic and cultural context was thus created, marked by coexistence and integration between past and present, tradition and innovation.

A fera o luni -Sergio Perez - Crowdbooks

Book Specifications

Cover:Copertina in brossura - 300gr
Language:Italiano, Inglese

Author Informations

NameSergio Perez
Country Italia


Sergio Perez was born in Catania in 1967. Graduated in biology, he has always cultivated a passion for reading, travels, cinema and especially for photography. His photographic research is mainly directed towards a narrative that focuses on urban contexts and the people who animate them, capturing invisible moments and micro-stories in the indistinct flow of everyday life. His vision, sunny and ironic, at times cynical, is essentially based on highlighting traces of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

His works have been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions as well as published in national and international magazines and volumes. His photographs have received mentions and awards in international competitions of the IPA – International Photography Awards – in 2019 and 2020 and of the PX3 – Prix de la Photographie – in 2019 and 2020. A fera ‘o luni (Monday open market NdT) is his first photographic book.

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