Opera Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella – Vol. 1

Browse all the beauties of Santa Maria Novella in just one pocket book !
by Antonio Quattrone
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Project Description

Santa Maria Novella is a well know site for art lovers. The Dominican complex is located in the heart of Florence and houses masterpieces of Giotto, Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Filippino Lippi, Paolo Uccello, Sandro Botticelli just to name a few.

This elegant editorial project was born with the intention to offer a photographic synthesis of all the most important artworks in Santa Maria Novella and to fund at the same time the ongoing restoration.

A pleasure for the eyes and the mind made in years of shooting and surveys by Antonio Quattrone, professional photographer specialized in the cultural heritage sector. Not just photographs, but an intimate way to appreciate these magnificent, controversial, unique works.

Opera Santa Maria Novella – Domenico-del-Ghirlandaio
Opera Santa Maria Novella – Domenico-del-Ghirlandaio   foto ©Antonio Quattrone

Not a  “guide”, but a journey into the beauty of one of the most important site in Italy. First project of the Phobò series, dedicated to the storytelling of our heritage with the power of photography.

We want to tell the beauty of these places, through the eye of the photographers who still today make immortal the masterpieces of the past.

Once the pre-sales number has been reached, the project will be finally published and distributed in all the main Italian bookshops! Of course you will receive your booked copy at you postal address with no extra costs.

These initial copies constitute only the first step of this crowdfunding. The main project is to contribute to the conservation and the restoration of Santa Maria Novella, which requires continuous and important maintenance.

Thanks to you the past will continue to have a future!


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Book Specifications

Language:Italiano, English
ISBN: 9788885608122
Category: Libri fotografici, Visual Arts
Tags: arte, opera, santa maria novella, smn

Author Informations

NameAntonio Quattrone
Country Italy


The complex of Santa Maria Novella, by its nature is either a religious and a museum site. It has currently a new form that seeks to harmonize both the functions.Opera for Santa Maria Novella is responsible for reconciling the needs of both pilgrims and visitors even welcoming them at different times.During the religious service the access to the complex it is free, although the tourist visit is not permitted at this particular time.On the other hand during visiting hours the Basilica fully discloses its treasures. All chapels, cloisters and the locals are fully accessible.To maintain and preserve the order, restoration, cleaning, surveillance and the reception of the complex is required a modest entrance fee. Revenues arising from ticket sales are mainly used to cover the high costs of maintenance of the place (especially the conservation of works of art and architecture).

This book has been successfully funded and will be sent to print soon. if you are a backer you'll get email notifications for each step until it's shipped.

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