Fabio Sgroi – Auto-portrait 2011

Past Euphoria – Post Europa

A Time Travel Through Eastern Europe
by Fabio Sgroi

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Project Description

 Past Euphoria, Post Europa it’s a personal long–term project focused on East Europe unstable identity due to the consequences resulting from the regimes’ cleavage and from the advent of democracy; everything occurred under the gaze of the media, which today are telling us about an Europe that is seeking refuge in itself.

In my work he describes the everyday’s life of a society that’s still in search for an identity; sights and places are carrying on with them the memory of a deep Europe, which suffered the violent effects of geopolitical dynamics, from the fall of the Berlin’s wall to the foundation of the new European Union.

Past Euphoria, Post Europa

I shot many images trying to capture the sense of doubt that exist in countries that are already part of the European Community as well as those countries willing to get in.

In the pictures there are grazed faces and places corroded by memory, but also surrounded by modernity; the pictures show signs of modern euphoria, although they falls into the gloom of a restless past. All the images were shot in areas which have lived a strong identity tension and change.

The countries where i took the pictures are 14:
Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Herzegovina, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia.

Past Euphoria, Post Europa _ Internal pages
Past Euphoria, Post Europa, internal pages
Past Euphoria, Post Europa _ Internal pages
Past Euphoria, Post Europa, internal pages

Book Specifications

Cover:hardcover with blind embossing
Language:Italiano, English
ISBN: 978-8888-56080-6-1
Category: Photobooks
Tags: euphoria, europa, sgroi

Author Informations

NameFabio Sgroi
Country Italy


His interest in photography began in 1985, when as a self-educated man started to take pictures of his friends, close to punk and underground culture; from 1986 he has worked a couple of years for “L’Ora”, a daily newspaper in Palermo. From the beginning his work has been dedicated to his own land, Sicily, focusing on religious ceremonies, celebrations and daily life. He traveled and worked throughout Europe and other parts of the world. In 2000 he focused on shooting pictures with panoramic format, in particular on landscape and industrial archaeology. He took part into collective exhibitions and also made solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad: Festival Off Arles, Artget Gallery and Belgrade Ethnographic Museum, Leica Gallery Sölms, Photo Biennale Moscow, Biennale Photographique Bonifacio, Centre Mediterraneeen de la Photographie Bastia (Corsica), Saba Gallery New York, Diaframma-Kodak – Milano. His career also includes the participation in some international projects and residencies.

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