Brighton Insiders

Photographs of the unique Brighton folk.
by Klara Cservenka
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Project Description

Brighton is a city where people of all description feel at home. It’s the one place in the country where outsiders get to feel like they belong, like they’re on the inside of something; it’s a kind of spirit / soul more than anything material.

The live music scene, various festivals and Pride weekend all draw a vibrant crowd. So many of them have a strong personal style, folk of all ages who have found a place where they can express themselves freely.

I was born in Brighton in the early 70s. I grew up here. I moved away, lived in other cities, but returned to discover radical changes, for better and worse. The LGBTQ+ community has emerged proudly from behind closed doors, no longer hiding away in bars behind blacked-out windows. I have also seen the rising number of homeless people living and sleeping on the streets. They may be viewed as outsiders by many, but they belong here too.

Thanks to Waxworth Industries for providing the music for the video

Brighton Insiders by Klara Cservenka

Author Informations

NameKlara Cservenka
Country UK


Klara Cservenka was born in Brighton in the early 70s where she grew up. She moved to London to study graphic design at Central Saint Martins School of Art, although she spent most of her time there in the darkroom.
She has had a love of art, design and photography since childhood when her parents ran a contemporary art gallery in the Lanes in Brighton.
Klara moved back to Brighton in 2002.

This campaign has been successfully funded, the book has been sent to print.

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