Appia – Work in progress

Digital memories of an abandoned good.
by Cacciatori d'ombra

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Project Description

Appia – Work in progress

The journey and the idea of belonging  “these” could  be  the  figures of  this project, where “journey“ means  exploration  and  “belonging“ the idea of being “natives”.

Appia - Work in progress 2
© Alessio Deluca

The inspiration comes from Paolo Rumiz’s book Appia where he talks about the route on foot he, and some of his friends, walked of one of the oldest road in the world, the Italian oldest one, which returns a forgotten, magnificent and at the same time tragic itinerary.

In the book, the writer explicits a wish that is an invitation, too: he hopes that other travelers could walk on this “shockingly abandoned asset“ to take it back before it could  be definitely cancelled.

Appia - Work in progress 3
© Francesco Mezzina

The project is the acceptance of this invitation.  Our first answer, we, the “natives” who live this land.  Photography is our language and it is through it that we retraced its old southern itinerary following the maps the first contemporary travelers had prepared.

The vision of this street gives a new image, which should belong to us, avoiding the rhetoric of a touristic Puglia and Basilicata or, the idea of a postcard.

Appia - Work in progress 4
© Marco Sacco

An analytical observation of what we met on the way in a personal vision, where every author lowered according to his/her culture and sensibility: an authorial vision.

Our guide was the privilege of living this land, and, our journey calm and meditated, just because we were not “passing“.

Appia - Work in progress 5
© Mauro Ieva

And it is just so that  good  and  bad,  the political  and  the religious,  archeology,  railways, plantations, churches, factories, interchanges and people meet in an unique glance.

Our predecessors’ experiences have really been useful, the travelers, the poets and  the writers, too… we have invented  nothing  but  simply, we “looked over again” what was already there.

After all it is just a “walking“ and, almost always, “a  walking“  is a collective  experience,  even if, far apart in time.

Appia - Work in progress 6
© Nello Coppola
Appia - Work in progress 7
© Pasquale Amendolagine
Appia - Work in progress 8
© Patrizia Ricco
Appia - Work in progress 9
© Salvatore Simonetti
Appia - Work in progress 10
© Simone Sanchioni

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Language:English, Italiano
ISBN: 978-88-85608-15-3
Category: Photobooks
Tags: appia, geography, landscape

Author Informations

NameCacciatori d'ombra
Country Italy

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