Fatima Abbadi


A photo documentary book about Al – Salt city and its region Al-Balqa.
by Fatima Abbadi
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Project Description

Our era is characterized by considerable changes within the geopolitical, social and economic development of many areas of the world, among which is the Middle East. This instability, which involves the whole Mediterranean area and even affects Europe, is destined to change the culture and identity of the countries involved forever. We have already witnessed and continue to witness upheavals of entire territories, their destruction at times is slow and almost unconscious, but at others it is sudden and brutal. Whether this is due to the effects of “globalization”, or the product of various interests, or the wish to impose ideologies, the result is still the loss of culture and the collective memory of societies and the erosion of ancient practices and cultural intricacies.

Recording these cultures at a time of change such as the one we are experiencing currently, is vital to preserving the diversity of memories and the richness of humanity now at the risk of annihilation.

I have therefore decided to help in recording and capturing these memories by focusing on my family’s hometown. Al-Salt is located in the heart of the Middle East, in Jordan, and is the perfect example of what is happening. The city, while predominantly Muslim, has an important Christian faith which comprises a significant part of its population. The influence of the Mediterranean in this area has encouraged the development of a rich and varied culture and a unique architecture, that bears a mixture of Arab and European influences.

However, such diversity is beginning to fade away as the city is facing vast changes each passing year, threatening its traditions and lifestyles.

For 10 years now I have been documenting photographically this unstoppable process, hoping to save its memory and to speak to the minds and hearts of those who have the power to intervene to preserve what precious little still exists.

The book will be launched during the opening of the exhibition that will take place on September 2017 in Amman, Jordan.
Text: Ismael Abder-rahman Gil
Photography: Fatima Abbadi
Mignon, Cultural Photographic Association

Book Specifications

Language:Italian, English
ISBN: 9788885608047
Category: Photobooks
Tags: al-salt, black and white, fatima abbadi, jordan, Reportage

Author Informations

NameFatima Abbadi
Country Jordan


Fatima Abbadi a Jordanian Palestinian/Italian freelance street photographer, born and grown up in Abu Dhabi. She moved to Padua (Italy) in 1997 for her university studies, where she currently works and lives. Since 2005 she has been devoting herself to a complex BW photo documentation research about women in various environments. This project consists in a continuous research of femininity in everyday life, seen through the eyes of a photographer who belongs to two different cultures, European and Middle Eastern.
Her work strives to “capture” and extract the essence of expression and sensitivity in the female face. All her works are photographed with an analogic camera with a 35 mm film and then developed in the old traditional way in the darkroom.
Since 2009 she has been a member of the MIGNON Group, which is an Italian cultural association that promotes photographic projects directed towards investigating man in every day life and in his environment.

This book has been successfully funded and will be sent to print soon. if you are a backer you'll get email notifications for each step until it's shipped.

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