258 Minutes

A space time document between the event and a personal visual opinion, one year after.
by Angelo Ferrillo

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Project Description

Project edited by: Benedetta Donato
Text below by: Angelo Ferrillo

258 MINUTES. On the night of 13th November 2015, nothing more than a few minutes passed between the first explosion at the Stade de France in Paris and the release of the remaining Bataclan hostages.

Thanks to the media and friends who were in Paris for Paris Photo, I witnessed from the sofa, accompanied by the rest of the world, the event that will now be defined as Europe’s September 11th.

I have never been able to detach myself from those thoughts and events. I read up on it, did my research, talked to people, and relied on companies who were able to provide the right support for my research.

13th November 2016. Exactly one year after the events, the time has come to reopen the Bataclan, to deliver what is expected to the public, to reveal my research, and to take photographs.

Have the vestiges of that night changed the destiny of a nation for ever?

An planned itinerary for a full year, made in 258 minutes.

Book Specifications

Pages:around 100
Cover:Slim hard cover
Language:English, Italian
ISBN: 9788885608108
Category: Libri fotografici, Visual Arts
Tags: 258, paris, paris attack, terrorism

Author Informations

NameAngelo Ferrillo
Country Italia


Angelo Ferrillo was born in Naples in ’74 where he studied engineering and first became interested in photography, eventually becoming a self-taught professional photographer. He currently works as a photojournalist and corporate photographer, he is also a professor of photography at IED (European Design Institute) in Milan and PHOTO OFFICINE Milan.

After completing his studies for a Master in Photojournalism (for which he was awarded a scholarship with merit) and a Master in Photoediting and Iconographic Research, he began working as a photojournalist, producing reports for news agencies, portraits and news services, as well as carrying out work on commission for publishing houses and personal photography projects.

Well known to the public for his street photography and his news services, Angelo Ferrillo is actively involved with national and international publishers and international brand leaders in the urban style sector, designing and developing images for social adv and brand communications.
Today member of AFIP INTERNATIONAL ad HASSELBLAD Ambassador.

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