Pamela Marinelli

The Power of Plants

29 medical plants that help us live better
by Pamela Marinelli
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Project Description

The Power of Plants
For this edition, Pamela Marinelli came together with esteemed herbalist Itala Salomone and award-winning writer Juliet Staveley, for research and editing.

What is hiding in your garden that could change your life?

La Natura cura – Pamela Marinelli – Crowdbooks Publishing

Used by great civilisations for thousands of years, plants are the real superheroes of planet earth, known to cure and ease all sorts of ailments. Effective yet gentle, they are the perfect antidote to the harsh chemicals and addictive toxins of modern medicine.

Now, renowned Italian artist and lifelong natural medicine advocate, Pamela Marinelli, has created this unique, and uniquely useful compendium. The Power of Plants is both an essential guide and a visually stunning new book about the magical properties of our green world.

La Natura cura – Pamela Marinelli – Crowdbooks Publishing

Within its 64 pages are 29 thoughtfully-chosen botanicals ~ from Aloe to Willow Herb ~ twinned with detailed paintings to both delight and aid with plant identification.

Utilising treasures found outside your doorstep and inside your cupboards, The Power of Plants includes practical and simple remedies for over 80 of our most common internal and external issues ~ from colds to insomnia, grief to gingivitis, migraines to menopause.

To help at-home apothecaries and caregivers, there is a very useful ‘Search by symptom’ section. For those with little-to-no experience of making medicine, you will also find easy instructions on all types of preparation, such as creams, infusions and essential oils.

Each entry is supplemented by Marinelli’s exquisite botanical watercolours, information on harvest and storage, and delicious organic recipes.

The Power of Plants is a gift to yourself, to your home, to your loved ones, and to your body, mind and soul. Isn’t it time we worked with nature?

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Language:Italiano, English

Author Informations

NamePamela Marinelli
Country Italia


I was practically born with brushes in my hands and have been honing my craft ever since. I’ve never stopped studying, be it graphic design, my Fine Art degree from Florence or a specialised course in trompe l’oeil.

I’ve been a professional artist since 1997 and enjoy passing on my knowledge, techniques and passion through private lessons, art courses and workshops around the world.

My work can be found in India, Morocco, Algeria, Kenya, Malaysia, Israel, Japan, New York and much of Europe. Absorbing such unique cultures has shaped who I am and influenced my art.

In addition to my paintings and drawings, projects so far range from furniture and interior decor, wall murals, musical instruments, illustrated books and calendars and much more.

This book has been successfully funded and will be sent to print soon. if you are a backer you'll get email notifications for each step until it's shipped.

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