Sunday Back Home

A collection of tiny personal photographic truths.
by Milo Montelli

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Project Description

I started to take the photographs that compose this work in 2010, when I left the house where I had spent the years of my childhood and adolescence with my family.
From that day I returned to my old house almost every Sunday, and almost every Sunday I took photographs. Those images represented a moment of intense inner research and recognition of my identity, made of memories sedimented between walls and voids, objects, presences and absences, old family photo albums, photos of photos.

As intimate as it can be, Sunday Back Home represents a collection of tiny personal photographic truths to share with those who wish to observe not only moments of awe and introspection experienced by a stranger, but also their own.

I believe the photographer represents the medium through which the purpose of photography is realized, a purpose which is first and foremost a personal choice, and that ends as a research of an image of the moment it encloses.

Milo Montelli

Book details
Limited edition of 300 copies.
Format 17 x 24 cm 
64 pages with rigid cover, cloth over 2,5mm grey board, square backed.
Binded with white metallic spirals hided from the cover
Paper Hello FAT MATT Natural 1.3 white 150 gsm

Author Informations

NameMilo Montelli
Country Italy

In stock Out of stock Not available ( 5 copies left )

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