Prossima apertura?

Only if really interested.
by Salvatore Petrenga
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Project Description

Prossima apertura? Only if really interested

Salvatore Petrenga - Prossima Apertura? - CrowdbooksThanks to Salvatore Benvenga and Federica Giudici for their precious help.

Salvatore Petrenga - Prossima Apertura? - Crowdbooks“Prossima apertura?” is a photographic book about closed and bankrupt shops in Gallarate, my city.

Salvatore Petrenga - Prossima Apertura? - CrowdbooksFrom the small shop to the large shopping center – like the photos of a “ghost-town” catalog – the book is made up of images of many closed shop windows and lowered shutters that tell us about dreams, hopes and shipwrecked investments.

Salvatore Petrenga - Prossima Apertura? - CrowdbooksA phenomenon, that of closed shops, which I have tried to document in an attempt to denounce a problem that does not only concern Gallarate, but which calls for generalized suffering.

Salvatore Petrenga - Prossima Apertura? - CrowdbooksAll photographs were taken in landscape format with a fixed 24mm lens over a period of 4 months.

Salvatore Petrenga - Prossima Apertura? - Crowdbooks

Book Specifications

Cover:Paper back binding

Author Informations

NameSalvatore Petrenga
Country Italia


Salvatore Petrenga is a radiology technician with a specialist degree who has been interested in photography since the early 1990s, when he bought a Nikon F601s. In this period he mainly photographed landscapes with Velvia 50 slide films. In 2012, on a trip to Rhodes, an amazed excursion companion exclaimed: “How long I hasn’t heard the sound of the roll rewind!”. He converted to digital very late in 2013 when he enrolled in a photography course at the studio of professional photographer Denis Ribic. So he buy a Canon Eos 6D. He prefers to combine Canon 24mm / f 2.8, 50mm / f 1.8 and 85mm f 1.8 fixed lenses with his camera. With Denis he also photographs two weddings and he takes pictures of the coast and pubs of Southern Ireland. In 2017 he took a photographic trip to North Vietnam with Roberto Gabriele and he takes another photography course at the Fotoclub il Sestante in Gallarate. Since then he has been a member of this association of photographers. With other members he participates in various group exhibitions at the headquarters and in the exhibition halls of other photoclubs. He also has planned a personal exhibition about the churches of Gallarate. After a period in which he mainly devoted himself to photos of landscapes and travels (he visits most of Europe from Ukraine to Portugal and China twice), now he prefers above all to photograph his city for both the positive and the negative aspects. He thinks that any place, even the ugliest, can be made interesting by photography.

This campaign has been successfully funded, the book has been sent to print.

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