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The Wife Who Left a Perfect Marriage

There are only two mistakes one can make. Not going all the way and not starting.
by Radhika Mīa
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Project Description

Based on true events the story tells the tale of a young woman named Mia. She meets a French man Hugo and marries him. She believes that they were going to grow old together and more so because the two share the same existential dilemma.

But something happens and in one moment everything changes. Frightening memories surface which she cannot quite grasp or remember. She is haunted by a loathed Maya, and then a Devil visits her … a very unusual devil in the guise of a cat. He and a bold child called Pippi are to be her companion.

She meets a significant person – a sacred fool called Heyoka – who tells her that the only way to reclaim her love would be to go on a journey.

And it is on this journey that she discovers her true love.

Author Informations

NameRadhika Mīa


Radhika is a writer and contemporary artist based in South Africa. She grew up in the hills of Shillong in India, often referred to as “Scotland of the East”. 

She started her career in journalism and later anchored herself in research on innovation, science and technology. Her varied life experiences have led her to travel and live across the world and find true inspiration in art and writing. This book project combines her twin passions. Through her work, she endeavours to inspire others in finding their true selves and transcend their personal boundaries.

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