People of the Sun

A project on the Mexican people, their habits & social economic problems
by Denis Marinello
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Project Description

The Mayan and Aztec peoples in ancient times worshipped the sun. Light and darkness were for them life and death.
But today, what is the ratio of the Mexican population to the sun?
In my light and shadow images play an important role, I tried to snap when people emerge from the shadow struck by the light,
documenting their daily lives: a waiter at work, a man reading the newspaper.
I wanted to give the viewer the idea that in my photos people illuminated by the sun have a purpose in life, a goal.
Instead, people in the shadows remain on the margins, estranged from society.
But not only this, project is also a window on the Mexican people on their customs and uses but also on their society where migration, poverty and drug cartels mingle with tourism and the desire for growth

People of the Sun - Denis Marinello People of the Sun - Denis Marinello

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Author Informations

NameDenis Marinello
Country Italia


My name is Denis marinello, I love travelling and as a child I can’t remember the holidays without having brought a camera with me.
At the beginning I never thought about a type of photography, I always photographed for myself, to have memories of the places I visited, of the people I met but with the passing of time photography has crept into me becoming my passion and my obsession.
Travel has made me grow inside, influenced my way of living and photographing. So I started buying magazines and books of great photographers, attending courses and workshops, realizing that my way of photographing belongs to the genre of street photography, where I try to make documentary reportage.
In general, in my work I want to tell stories and through images, make known the positive and negative aspect of our society.

This campaign was not successfully closed, the book has not being funded and won’t be published.

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