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A dialogue between poetry & photography
by Yana Harizanova
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Project Description


A form of autobiography where the reader experiences the author’s loss and resilience through a dialogue between her poetry and photography.

yana harizanova - h_air book - crowdbooks publishing

This dialogue releases, rather than silences the aftermath of a stillbirth, and the trauma that it unearths, filtering dreams, along with a careful study of nature, as grief can sometimes make us natural scientists of our inner worlds.

The selfie in movement, reveals how air and water shape the movement of hair. Whereas the poetry revolves around an observation of life’s choices.

yana harizanova - h_air book - crowdbooks publishing

The work breathes through pain, ultimately regenerating in the power of acceptation and self-love.

The title H_air, comes from the idea that connects the power of hair and the freedom and freshness of air. Hair as keepers of our conscious and unconscious memories and beliefs, symbol of our identity in
constant change and an extension of our soul.

yana harizanova - h_air book - crowdbooks publishing

Air as cleanser of body and spirit, intermediary of our contact with nature and essence of the very first breath of life.



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Book Specifications

Cover:coated mat 300gr
Language:English, Italian

Author Informations

NameYana Harizanova
Country Germany


Yana is born in Bulgaria, she grows up in Italy and develops her education in
Rome, studying Performing arts, contemporary dance and dance theater.

She is specialized in Social Theater and she works throughout regional and
european projects, within intercultural/gender, therapeutic/rehabilitative and pedagogical/educational workshops.

In the last years she settles in Germany and creates the project E-Movere,
dedicated to programming and animation through dance.

This campaign has been successfully funded, the book has been sent to print.

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