Niccolò Kirschenbaum

Elisioni Permanenti

Photographic images and verses are used to rebuild the inner process that an act of violence provoke in a woman.
by Niccolò Kirschenbaum

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Project Description

Elisioni Permanenti is a project born with the purpose to spread the theme of violence against women by means of photographic images and poetic verses which could be able to explicite the changement of a woman victim of violence. Images are not images of explicit violence, rather, what we want to underline, is exactly what couldn’t be seen by the eye of one who looks: their inwardness and their becoming object in the hands of the man who brutalizes and rapes her not only phisically but also and especially psychologically.

In photographies women are rappresented as mannequins, symbol of the objectification and dehumanization to which leads violence. The perfect outward appearance of these women is counterposed, following repeated violences, to a drying up of her own self, a loss of consciousness, and the dryind up of all the forces necessary to react to a situation of phisycal and psychologica submission. This drying up is rappresented by arid and gaunt landscapes joined to the images of each mannequin. The couple mannequin/lanscape shows an ichonographic universe of silence, lonliness, mania and fear. The woman became a doll, a mannequin, a dress but everywhere is possible to breath her presence. The proposed images are at the same time rarefied and elgant but also of a strong emotional impact as the many women which testimonies have been collected to elaborate this theme: a great dignity go along this women during their descriptions which could’t leave not emotionally involved and is exacly this involvemente that images hope to reproduce. The ultimate purpose of this project, in fact, is not only to show a reality of violence but also to raise awareness on a theme too often treated with superficiality expecially by men. In this case we can talk of a male eye on this theme because the images and tne verses are realized by men who tried to enter in a alternative female universe made of violence, fear and fragility and translate it in the universal langauge of art to make it free from every gender differance.

Not only images, but also the worlds which accompany the photographic duets and want to create a stroger emotional involvement for the reader by means of a poliphonic dialog between images, words, men, women and everyone who could join it as reader, listener, visitor. Verses are as a song of sorrow of woman who try again to fight her persecutor but remain embedded in what is never explicitly called love or hate or fear. Instead in this words women express their disgust agains men, agains herserf and agains a society for which they reamain invisible.

To fight this invisibility in which women victim of phisical and psicological violence are closed, we think that this project could contribute by divulgation to bring new reflections in women and men to which we hope to lead our message. Every cultural changement is based on different means of information and formation and a litterary and photographic gallery should be one of these. Throght the knowledge of literary and photographic instruments, the spectator is motivated by intellectual curiosity and can find new cues of reflection.

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Category: Photobooks
Tags: elisions, violence, women

Author Informations

NameNiccolò Kirschenbaum
Country Italy


Niccolò Kirschenbaum nasce nel 1983 a Siena, frequenta le scuole superiori presso il Liceo Classico Giusti di Torino dove ha il primo contatto con la fotografia e dove inizia gli studi in materia.

Ritorna a Siena per gli studi universitari e si laurea in Storia dell’arte, continua le esperienze in campo fotografico (sia tecnico che storico), gli vengono attribuite mansioni altamente specializzate in archivi fotografici importanti. Negli ultimi anni la conoscenza con l’artista e fotografo senese Daniele Sasson lo induce ad un percorso di ricerca del tutto personale.

All’attivo ha diverse personali fotografiche realizzate nel territorio toscano e a Torino. Collabora con unicoop Firenze e con le sezioni soci di Siena, Colle Val d’Elsa, Poggibonsi ed Empoli per la realizzazione di diversi servizi fotografici in stile reportage.

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