Giuseppe Nucci


A journey on the ancient ways of  the shepherds
by Giuseppe Nucci

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Project Description

a book by Giuseppe Nucci
edited by Rosy Santella

Transhumance, the ancient practice of moving livestock from summer to winter pastures, in central Italy is closely connected to the network of “tratturi”.

Along the shepherds' highways – Giuseppe Nucci – Crowdbooks

Tratturi are the old roads crossed by the millenary passage of the flocks, which for many centuries have represented the main arteries for trade.

Along the Tratturi, ancient knowledge has been handed down and traditions that still survive in regions such as Puglia, Abruzzo, Basilicata and Molise have come to life.

Along the shepherds' highways – Giuseppe Nucci – Crowdbooks

The recognition of transhumance as an immaterial heritage of humanity represents a significant step forward for the preservation and rediscovery of one of the most fascinating historical and cultural heritage of hidden Italy.

Along the shepherds' highways – Giuseppe Nucci – Crowdbooks

Like wrinkles on a face, these grassy paths have outlined the somatic features of rural civilization. A face marked by time, whose charm is expressed by the eternity of ancient practices belonging to the history of humanity.

Along the shepherds' highways – Giuseppe Nucci – CrowdbooksAlong the shepherds' highways – Giuseppe Nucci – Crowdbooks

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Language:Italiano, Inglese

Author Informations

NameGiuseppe Nucci
Country Italy


Giuseppe Nucci was born in 1982 in a mountain village in Molise, one of the least known regions of Italy. His extroverted character and marked curiosity lead him to abandon the family house at the age of 14. Graduated almost without will in 2009, he receives a camera as a gift. This will influence all the decisions taken in the years to come and will lead him to return to his native places to tell their story. Over the last few years he has focused on documentary projects that have obtained numerous international publications. Among these, National Geographic Magazine, Stern, New York Times, Guardian and Der Spiegel stand out. In 2018 he also won a POYi, one of the most prestigious awards related to photojournalism. He currently lives in Rome, his adoptive city.

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