The ” VUCCIRIA ” between past and present

The " VUCCIRIA " between past and present Photographic project for a Vucciria anchored to the past from to project in the future
by fabio artusi
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The ” VUCCIRIA ” between past and present Photographic project for a Vucciria anchored to the past from to project in the future

The district of the Vucciria (or of the Loggia) in the historical center in Palermo he has been subject in recent times to an acceleration of the degrade building and of the exodus of big part of the shopkeepers, that has conducted the historical market toward the beginning of the extinction. The district, nearly deprived of resident preserve still the suggestive architectures of the buildings once lived from the foreign merchants and from the aristocracy and the many monuments of which it is rich. Between crumbling buildings and buildings already collapsed in non distant times, it is still developed a discreet social life and the few standing economic activities, they withstand despite the shortage of clientele. Every attempt of raising of the market must be preceded by an organic operation of building recovery and is necessary to experiment new and more modern forms of insertion in the cycle of the distribution of the typical products proper of the culture and of the local tradition. In particular manner is necessary to transmit trust to the merchants because the change, started once the building recovery, it has to depart from them. In this context the photographic investigation it has to take back the gestures and the culture that anchors they remain inside the district, because these are his peculiar characteristics that distinguish it from the others and they constitute the base from which to leave again for the relaunch. The same sellers and itinerant that populate her they are of the small worlds inside the biggest world that is the market. Me same I have seen to swarm about ten and about ten tourists between the lanes of the district interested to the way of life and at culture that it countersigns but after few they escaped , here would be necessary to equip in way that the traveller remains, and you become source of wealth for everybody. What succeed in seeing with the photo almost always escapes the look of the common passer-by, and it is this his assignment, to record and to put in evidence what the mind of the people doesn’t succeed in stopping, therefore to show the vitality, the peculiarities or the social problems of an inhabited place. After having begun this photographic investigation I am not very convinced anymore that the Vucciria is completely dead but only to sleep. Now is necessary to effect the remedies to wake up again her, but before is really too late. The recovery of the Vucciria I would compare it to the recovery of the theater Massimo, a monument of so great importance from to act from element of tourist call and enormous prestige for the whole city. Here therefore the photographic investigation that acts from catalyst and it makes evident the presuppositions for the change, to pact that the change is wanted by everybody. And then we leave again from the art, from the artists that they have populated and that they populate the district, from the monuments, from the sellers and from the varied characters that have a history from to tell and they are so many. Let’s give again vitality to the people because they are them the Vucciria! The function of the photo is to try that he is able!

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Fabio Artusi is a documentary photographer since 1992 with base to Palermo – Sicily, Italy. He has published his jobs on magazines as Airone, Der Spiegel, Panorama, Sette, Grazia, Specchio, Facts, Slow Food, Inquirer, El Mundo, SonntagsZeitung, Guardian, The Independent. For a long time he has investigated the Sicilian society, flood of contrasts and mysteries but also of amusing surrealism at times with paradoxical scenes. A society full of paradoxes sprung from the poverty and from the social uneasiness, accomplice a closed culture to the external world, notably behind.The various domination that has left their trace and influence over the centuries, from culture to customs and customs to culinary art, complete a picture I would say unique in the world as a few. All this is translated into a vast color and black and white archive part can be viewed at . Parallelly he has developed some projects in Italy and abroad in phase of workmanship. He is available for assignment and projects of collaboration for a long time term.

Fabio Artusi è un fotografo documentarista dal 1992 con base a Palermo in Sicilia, Italia . Ha pubblicato i suoi lavori su settimanali come Airone, Der Spiegel, Panorama, Sette, Grazia, Specchio, Facts, Slow Food, Inquirer, El Mundo, SonntagsZeitung, Guardian, The Independent. Da sempre ha indagato la società Siciliana , piena di contrasti e di misteri ma anche di surrealismo a volte divertente con scene paradossali. Una società quindi piena di paradossi scaturiti dalla povertà e dal disagio sociale, complice una cultura chiusa al mondo esterno e molto arretrata. Le varie dominazioni che hanno lasciato nei secoli la loro traccia e influenza, dalla cultura agli usi e costumi all’arte culinaria, completano un quadro direi unico al mondo come pochi.Tutto questo è tradotto in un vasto archivio fotografico a colori e in bianco e nero, che in parte può essere visionato all’indirizzo internet . Parallelamente ha sviluppato dei progetti in Italia e all’estero ancora in fase di lavorazione. Egli è disponibile per assegnati e progetti di collaborazione a lungo termine.

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