Super Special


Custom Bikes from a Special world
by Ernesto Bitonte

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Project Description

The Custom Way book is for those whose life involves custom bikes, yet not just a motorcycle, but who live motorcycles.

Today the custom motorcycle is an extension of a personal character and an individual expression and way of life.

The beauty is the diversity of what has and can be created. The Custom Way showcases the myriad choices of what others have done with custom bikes, opening up avenues to others to follow and forge creations of their own.

The Custom Way examines the essence of the Custom bikes (Motorcycle) with an insight into the people behind the finished products. From simple add-ons to full blown customs bikes, The Custom Way is aimed at those who dare to be different and who want to live on their terms.

Super Special started as a Blog, and later became the e-magazine dealing with custom bikes as a way of expanding the interest of the Custom Bike scene. All over the planet.

THE CUSTOM WAY - A book by Ernesto Bitonte - Crowdbooks THE CUSTOM WAY - A book by Ernesto Bitonte - Crowdbooks THE CUSTOM WAY - A book by Ernesto Bitonte - Crowdbooks THE CUSTOM WAY - A book by Ernesto Bitonte - Crowdbooks

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Author Informations

NameErnesto Bitonte
Country Italy


Creative since he was a child, passionate about engines but above all about motorcycles, Ernesto Bitonte has dedicated himself to advertising and the web in the last 20 years.

In 2012 he founded Super Special, an international blog for passionate of special motorcycles, written in Italian and English.

Since 2018 he has been the author and editor of the same Super Special e-magazine, one of the best known landmarks in the world, an unusual showcase for special motorcycles, but not just for wheels and metal. Super Special, like this book, is a tribute to the talent, to creativity and to work of the most incredible customizers in the world, to the fantastic events linked to this universe and to the unique and special characters, men and women, who populate and feed it.

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