Losing my grandmother to Alzheimer's disease
by Adam Kencki
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Project Description

My grandmother died on the 9th of March 2020. She had Alzheimer´s disease.

At first, it was names and places, later she had a hard time writing something. She would hold the pen in the air making circular movements as if trying to remember how to write a letter, any letter. She spoke less because making sentences was difficult and I think she was embarrassed. A couple of months before she died, I was photographing my grandparents sitting on a couch. Has the photographer finished yet? She asked my grandfather. I think it broke my heart.


Photos by Edward Kolondra, Adam Kencki

Layout and graphic design by Katarína Kyselicová

Photo selection by Lucia L Fišerová

Photos of the book and video by Lukáš Procházka

Author Informations

NameAdam Kencki
Country Czech Republic


Adam Kencki is a Czech photographer living in Prague. In his work, he focuses mainly on his loved ones and the people around him. Adam works mostly with medium and large format cameras and black and white film.

His photographs may at first glance seem like a quiet meditation on simple things and moments of life, but they are in fact an endless chain of restless disturbances.




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